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Let's find the right package for your business

Every real estate operation needs software to manage all their data. Literati ERP is the system for large property managers or owner-operators to collaborate and deal with daily operational issues on all their buildings, structuring chaos to one platform.

Queens Package

Don't settle for less than your own compute and DB storage. Optimal for companies with less than 300 units and 20 employees.

  • $100.00
  • 3%

Brooklyn Package

Get the raw power of fully dedicated infrastructure. For more than 1000 units and 50 employees.

  • $15,000.00
  • 3%

Manhattan Package

Mainframe processing for a fraction of its cost. Optimal for 10000+ units and 300+ employees.

Note that if the customer requires business or industry specific functionality, any required change must be inquired separately.

Review our application stack

  • Literati

    Core application, providing all the basic functionality including user accounts, staff member accounts, message alerts, web portals, dashboard, etc.

  • Literati Units

    Manage any kinds of properties, parking lots, storage spaces, shared rooms, office spaces, wearhouses, skyscrapers.

  • Literati Contracts

    Make business agreements, leases, licences and extensions easy by automating your paperwork, billing and payments.

  • Literati Applications

    Provides flexible application framework to manage your admissions. Built for schools and universities, this application simplifies admission process from start to end offering a one-page application process with a wide array of customuzation features. Applicantts can request letters of reference, add portfolios and documents, pay application fees.

  • Literati Housing

    Simplify your housing admissions by extending Literati Applications with cusomized proposals and flexible invoicing.

  • Literati Axes

    Identify and block malicious activity. Keeps track of login and access attemps. Real time activity tracking to protect from both internal and external attacks. In addition it provides different honeypots, black lists, spambot lists and trusted users.

  • Literati Sales

    Connect with customers and businesses through our sales cloud.

  • Literati Abacus

    Roboust accounting application to manage your invoicing, payments, expenses, taxes, inventory.

  • Literati Operations

    Simplifies and automates basic management operations providing tenant requests, messaging, work orders, scheduled events and etc.

  • Literati Q&A

    Literati Applications extension to provide Q&A and messaging.

  • Literati Geonames

    Powerful geoname and locational database backed up with the most recent spacial data from census.gov (for non-US customers reliable data can be taken from other standardizatiton sources). With this extension, staff members are able to enhance their reports with powerful and illustrative location based analytics.

  • Literati Collaborators

    Built for collaborators and partners.

  • Literati Tasks (coming soon)

    Task and project management application.

  • Literati Payrolls (coming soon)

    Consolidate payroll operations. Checking in and checking out your employees on an hourly basis is made easy through barcode, ID or RFID scanning. Ability to customize payroll strategies based your state regulations.

  • Literati Entries (coming soon)

  • Literati Locks (coming soon)

  • Literati Floorplans (coming soon)