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What is Literati ERP?

Real estate technology has largely been ignored. Finally, there is cloud-based software to manage all the specific needs of real estate, Literati ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

This real estate ERP allows companies to structure a system of collaboration without the use of multiple types of software, maximizing efficiency. From tenant screen and application review to property management and rental collection, Literati ERP operates in real time to avoid confusion and enhance communication amongst staff members. It is a platform that performs well for larger enterprises with 1000+ units, while addressing the similarly important needs of operators with 50+ units.

Why choose us?


"Designed for efficiency and productivity." Robust system with the capacity to support multiple users in real time collaboration using dedicated infrastructure.


"Better decision making using supported data." A powerful system that can be manipulated and customized according to the preferences of the business.

Future proofing.

"Established real estate software is obsolete and resistant to change." We extended our development time to create a quality platform that has the ability to grow with your company without the fear of technological limitations.


Your data is for your eyes only. With extremely flexible access control, security policies, intelligent monitoring, you and your data are protected even in case of internal breaches.


Symbiosis between real estate and technology. The use of complex frameworks and infrastructure to make real estate simple. Built by owner-operators; implementation of an ideal concept to optimize management using analytics and mathematical concepts.

Flexible pricing options.

Prices according to company's development cycle. Three tiered packages.